The Beauty of the Popcorn Cart

Some may say the popcorn cart is outdated now – a piece of history that no one pays attention to anymore. Those who claim so would be wrong, however, and probably have no idea of how much a popcorn cart can do – and what it represents.  The antique popcorn cart, the antique popcorn machine, and it’s old fashioned popcorn maker are all that make this tradition so much fun.

One of the oldest popcorn carts was more than just a piece of machinery. For many families, it became the means of making a living, and it’s very natural that some entrepreneurs made their carts both practical and wonderful to behold. Many of the modern ones have an intricate web of wires connected to lights, advertising, and break and locking mechanisms aside from the internal popcorn producing machinery, but original carts were simple devices, often laboriously designed, to make the customer feel the popcorn atmosphere.

What makes many of those carts so original is the history behind it. Each popcorn vendor wanted to stand out and sell his wares, and they adjusted their techniques according to what the public demanded, depending on the location. Some owners and operators decided on their own colors (though the typical striped pattern remained as an obvious popcorn signature). Some vendors claimed their customers enjoyed a bit more oil or butter, some others needed more salt, and the logical result is the soft but real hardware adjustments to serve the customers better.

There are replicas out there available, and for those who don’t want to spend over $1,000 on an original (yes, they cost even more than that), it’s a very good alternative. The old-style can look great in any modern home of popcorn lovers; it’s often quite a contrast to behold. I’ve never been to a home that serves popcorn from the cart, but I’m considering making sure I become one of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those old-fashioned things in the garden when there’s a party? I’m sure the kids would love it. (And adults, too).

I, personally, like to imagine what it must have felt like in the olden days – and then I start to really appreciate the wonderful tradition we have. Popcorn became so popular (and a means to livelihood in so many families) that they ensured not only their popcorn was top quality, but also that their presentation of the wonderful snack was captured in eloquent curved steel patterns, colorfully pained wooden side panels, and striking stripe-designs we still know today. Popcorn’s still alive, and the popcorn carts are too. They might even be making a long-overdue come-back.

Product Spotlight:

Theater Pop 8 oz Popcorn Popper w/Cart

The Theater Pop 8 oz Popcorn Popper and Cart have the ability to really kick out large amounts of popcorn with its 1250 watt hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle.  It produces 147 one-ounce servings per hour. With its small 14″ x 20″ footprint, it is ideal for environments that require high output without taking up much space. The Theater Pop 8 is a very low maintenance machine with its 2 switch operation, stainless steel food-zone, tempered glass panels, and the “easy-to-clean” side-hinged hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle. The heated warming deck will keep popcorn warm and fresh for long periods of time. This full-featured machine also includes a removable clean-out tray for easy cleaning and an old-maid drawer to catch the un-popped kernels. The Theater Pop 8 utilizes a 50-watt R20 presentation lamp to highlight the popped corn for added impulse sales. The Theater Pop 8 will cycle in approximately 3 minutes and produce 147 ounces of popped corn in an hour. One serving will produce enough popped popcorn to fill approximately eight 1-oz bags.

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